Spending An Afternoon In The City

18 July 2013

Santa Barbara is a beautiful city on the Pacific Coast of California. The city has a number of excellent tourist attractions that are sure to provide visitors with many wonderful ways to spend an afternoon in the city.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art is located at 1130 State Street. The museum currently holds a permanent collection of nearly 30,000 art objects. Art at this museum spans the entire gamut of history from ancient to modern art.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art has an outstanding collection Continua a leggere »

What Are Some Of The Top Hotels

23 May 2013

Upon planning any trip where you will be staying overnight, it is a good idea to research and book hotels or lodging ahead of time so that you do not end up in a scramble to find a hotel at the last minute. Furthermore, by booking in advance, you can often save a good chunk of money in the process. So if you are looking to travel to the area of Santa Barbara, California, whether it be for business or pleasure, Continua a leggere »

What Are Good Vacation Spots Near The City

25 March 2013

Santa Barbara, California is located on the east-west end of the Santa Barbara County coastline near the Pacific Ocean. This beautiful city referred to the American Riviera is known as a popular tourist destination, due to its endless activities offered in the city and counties around. Entertainment is one of the many areas Santa Barbara highlights during the legendary Santa Barbara bowl, occurring during the warm summer nights near the beach. Close proximity to the oceanfront gives many restaurants the opportunity to serves fresh catches to those looking to indulge in California Continua a leggere »

How Many Malls Are There In The City

6 June 2012

There are 11 malls in Santa Barbara, California. Each mall includes stores where shoppers can purchase such items as clothing, shoes, electronics, housewares, toys, collectibles, antiques, furniture, books, movies, music and much more. Many people visit Santa Barbara when they are in California, so they can engage in some great shopping of a diverse selection of high quality merchandise. Tourists come to the malls looking for souveniers of their vacation and locals come to the malls to purchase the items that they need for everyday life. Continua a leggere »

What Activities Can I Do With My Family

4 June 2012

Santa Barbara, California is a beautiful vacation spot great for family fun and excitement. There are endless amounts of activities available for families to be able to enjoy time together and see all there is to take in at this special California city.

The California coast is adorned with pristine beaches filled with surfers, loungers, and sun bathers. Take your family out for a day at the beach. Choose from Arroyo Burro Beach Park, El Capitan State Beach, Leadbetter Beach, Refugio Beach, and many more Continua a leggere »

Where Can I Take My Date In The City

3 June 2012

Looking for some ideas for a night out on the town with that special someone in your life? You probably want something unique and different. Well, Santa Barbara is full of options for a fun night out on the town. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.


A unique way to bond on a date is by creating something together. Try taking your date paint-your-own pottery studio in city. These venues typically offer event specials. If you’re just getting to know someone and Continua a leggere »

Where Can I Eat In The City

30 May 2012

You’ll have no problem finding great places to eat in the city. Depending on what you’re hungry for you can choose from hundreds of delicious choices. If you’re in the mood for seafood, you’ll find many great places that will provide you with a delicious seafood meal. You can have your choice of shrimp, fish or even crabs and you can have them fried or boiled.

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a nice steak, there are many restaurants that cook your steak just the way you like it. You Continua a leggere »

Where Can I Shop In Santa Barbara

26 May 2012

Santa Barbara is a coastal city that’s full of high end, antique, fashion, bargain shops, warehouses and more for pleasure seeking locals and tourists alike. The top four most popular shopping areas you may want to checkout include:

1) Paseo Nuevo
2) El Paseo
3) La Arcada
4) La Cumbre Plaza

1) The number one getaway to go and shop. The Spanish culture has influenced the design of courtyards and walkways here, http://homesecuritytown.com/burgler-alarm-systems/motion-detector-sensor/, and includes beautiful fountains and exotic flowers. Includes over 50 high end shops such as Macy’s and Nordstrom.

2) This is California’s oldest shopping center. In its 92nd year of operation, the shopping center features a wide range of specialty gift shops, art galleries, and dining places, all woven within enchanting gardens and romantic courtyards.

3) Located in the northern tip shopping district.Has a Spanish-inspired walkway and courtyard with luscious, exotic trees, plants, bronze statues, and tiled fountains. Has a variety of interesting shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes.

4) One of Santa Barbara’s biggest shopping malls, including two department stores, including restaurants, amenities, with over 60 shops, and ample parking space.

The marketplaces in Santa Barbara are sure to offer fun shopping for people passing through Santa Barbara!